Stock Line is a young and dynamic Italian company that produces chairs and tables. It’s located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, land of masters in the manufacturing of wood, steel and textiles. Over the years, we earned the trust of our customers and of many international companies operating in the furniture market.

Stock Line is a versatile company, adaptable to the constantly changing market needs. Thanks to the continuous optimization of the resources we are able to restrain production and distribution costs, always maintaining high quality standards.

Stock Line is a flexible company that on the one hand works as a small company keeping a direct and close  connection with its customers, meeting their requirements and needs of customization, while on the other hand provides the stability and the services of a large company.

Reliability and trustworthiness, values and strategic goals shared with our partners within the large and the small distribution are the foundation of the success achieved in the past fifteen years.